What do you do?
We scale what works across Canada.

Do you invest financially in your portfolio charities?
We invest millions in pro-bono into our portfolio. Based on the strategies and implementation plans we co-create, our charities have raised over $50M dollars.

What are your focus areas?
We operate in the areas of health, education and employment.

Why do you only work with a handful of charities?
We invest in high-impact charities that have strong leadership and are ready to scale. We pick few and go deep!

How do you determine which charities to select?
We apply a rigorous due diligence process to assess each charity. Using a principle-based approach, we base our selection process on 6 criteria: strong and passionate leadership, ability to change, scalable solution, quantifiable social impact, and link to Canada. Our 3-phased diligence process begins with an initial public screen, a deeper dive involving meetings with the charity, and a final application. 

What kinds of services does each portfolio charity receive from you and your sector partners?
We provide each organization with up to $3M of pro bono support across a multi-year partnership over three phases:  planning, building and scaling. 

Do you offer short-term pro bono services?
No. We view pro bono as the fuel to our venture philanthropy approach, which is holistic and long-term. 

My organization operates outside of Canada, but we are exploring opportunities to expand into Canada. Would we be eligible for your support?
Yes. We work with organizations that have a link to Canada and are always looking to import high impact interventions.

Do you work in French?
Bien sûr! Narinder is happy to connect with you + we have a sector partner team that is fluent.

How are you funded?
We are funded by individuals, foundations and corporations who want to maximize the impact of their donation. Please visit this page for more info. 

I am a potential sector partner. Who can I contact to learn more about partnership opportunities?
Please contact Narinder at narinder@leap-pecautcentre.ca.

How can interested individuals get involved?
If you are looking to donate to the Centre, please contact Sarah at sarah@leap-pecautcentre.ca.
If you work for one of our sector partners and would like to get involved in a pro bono capacity, please contact Gaurav at gaurav@leap-pecautcentre.ca.