Green Iglu addresses food insecurity in Northern Canada by growing fresh, locally sourced produce.

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AES will create SIKU, an Inuit knowledge wiki and social mapping platform, to address major gaps for knowledge exchange, environmental stewardship, and education for Hudson Bay and Arctic communities. The platform aims to preserve indigenous language and culture, provide services related to northern life and safety, implement environmental stewardship and educational activities.

AES works to:

  • Build capacity for self-determination in research and stewardship with Inuit and Cree communities in Hudson Bay

  • Provide culturally relevant education for Inuit in northern schools

  • Develop innovative tools and technologies to help address issues of food security, safety and environmental stewardship across the Arctic


Operate grassroots programs in 5 communities in Nunavut and Nunavik, are delivering culturally relevant core curriculum to the Nunavik school system and have reached hundreds of thousands around the world through their film and multi-media.