Work with LEAP | Pecaut Centre for Social Impact and their social ventures as an Impact Catalyst.

LEAP | Pecaut Centre for Social Impact believes in a society where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

In partnership with McCarthy Tétrault, we catalyze large scale social impact by selecting, supporting and scaling breakthrough social ventures and unleashing the potential of collaboration. Impact Catalysts lead projects


“With the organizations that LEAP takes on there’s so much opportunity to help them scale up and have a social impact. LEAP projects allow lawyers at McCarthy Tétrault to work on things that have a potential impact on thousands and thousands of people.”

Gordon Baird Partner, McCarthy Tétrault and Board Member, LEAP | Pecaut Centre for Social Impact



“Working with PocketDoc to create new tools to diagnose pneumonia in children has been immensely rewarding. Every data sharing agreement is unique, but the charity sector introduced new, exciting challenges.”

Jade Buchanan Associate, McCarthy Tétrault


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