Rumie Provides free, quality educational content for children in low-income communities through tablets and the LearnCloud app


Rumie delivers high-quality open-source learning content through affordable tablets and its Android app, the LearnCloud. Rumie preloads $50 tablets with curated libraries of high quality content and delivers them to education organizations who implement them in their programs. In Canada, Rumie is working with Pathways to Education and Woodgreen to curate and deliver skills training, financial literacy and health content.

The Rumie Initiative is the Centre’s venture investment. Our work includes supporting the creation of pilot programs in key locations to assess impact before scaling begins.

Rumie Impact Story | Ahmad

“I’m lucky Al Salam School got me a teacher assistant part-time job when I was in 12th grade. For many young Syrian refugees, things aren’t so simple… Most have to work to help their families, so either they never go to school, or they go for a couple weeks and then give up when they realize they can’t work and study at the same time. Seriously, Syrians are strong, they can work and study at the same time but the problem is that work shifts and school periods always overlap…. I think that the tablets can help many students who face this dilemma. Students won’t have to choose between school and money because the tablets will allow them to study at home, at the hours that suit them, after or before work. And they wouldn’t feel abandoned because technically they’d still be students, they’d have a clear curriculum to follow but they’d just study from home and only go to school when they’d have to.”


Impact Snapshot

21 | # of countries in which program operates

20k | # of books a Rumie device delivers to kids offline

100x | Efficiency gain by moving from books to bytes ($5k in books on a $50 tablet)

  • My ambition for Rumie is to transform the way people learn around the world, especially people who have never really received the opportunity to learn. Humanity's greatest single resource is brainpower. There are a billion children that are underserved in education–we think our potential to scale can have massive impact for these children in communities in Canada and globally.
    — Tariq Fancy, Founder, The Rumie Initiative
  • The interesting thing about Rumie is the infinite scalability of the product. If Rumie can be successful not only in bringing high-quality education to areas in the world without access, but also incorporating the LearnCloud element in the process, they have the opportunity to change education as we know it.
    — Sam Duboc, Executive Chairman, Beacon