smartsaver is Enabling low-income families to save for post-secondary education by promoting RESPs and the Canada Learning Bond


SmartSAVER Impact Story | Aneta

While thousands of parents dream of sending their kids off to college and university, many will have to take on debt to pay for it. Youth from low-income families across Canada face significant barriers to post-secondary education due to an inability to build early savings. Aneta Alaei, mother of four, found herself in this very predicament. However, when she learned about SmartSAVER and was introduced to the Canada Learning Bond, it made a huge difference for her and her family.

“While I don’t intend to give my children everything they want, I do intend to give them everything they need," Aneta said. “The online application takes 10 minutes or less and is the best possible thing for your child. Thanks to SmartSAVER, we are preparing financially for their dreams whatever they may be.”

Impact Snapshot

200k | New low-income families will secure educational savings for their children

>100 | Community partners mobilized across Canada

40% | Uptake of the CLB when SmartSAVER reaches scale

  • We see tremendous potential in SmartSAVER. In a recent Toronto pilot project uptake of the Canada Learning Bond increased from 27 per cent to 41 per cent and we are confident that, working together, we can see even greater impact nationally. SmartSAVER has a proven model and we're excited to be working with their passionate and driven team of staff, volunteers, community organizations, and partners.
    — Kilian Berz, Senior Partner & Managing Director, BCG; Co-Founder & Board Co-Chair, LEAP
  • With LEAP we hope to find better ways to get the Canada Learning Bond working for more families. If we can achieve that, we will all benefit from their success.
    — May Wong, Executive Director, Omega Foundation