Stop Now And Plan (SNAP) is an evidence-based program that teaches children with disruptive behaviours and their parents how to make better choices "in the moment".

SNAP is a program of The Child Development Institute.




SHEMAR'S STORY | As a kid, Shemar struggled in school. From temper tantrums in class to time-on suspension, he became less and less able to control his anger and perform well in school. A life of trouble and jail time seemed inevitable—but then Shemar found Stop Now and Plan (SNAP). “I knew I had two options,” Shemar says, “keep being a bully and fighting and probably end up in jail, or find a new way of life.”

After completing the 13-week program, Shemar has made significant strides. He is now excelling in school and serves on the student council, and ran for a position on the Super Council (the student council representing all schools in his area). “SNAP helped me learn how to control my anger and got me on the path I’m on today.”


$17 - $32

Cost-benefit ratio of the SNAP program


Proportion of children with conduct disorder reached by SNAP at scale


Amount of funding secured based on LEAP growth strategy to support SNAP and affiliates

13 weeks

Time in which SNAP program improves emotional regulation



“I've met a number of very impressive young men who had a rough start in life and are now thriving as SNAP graduates. If not for SNAP, they would probably have been in jail or living at the margins of society instead of being the thoughtful, well-adjusted people they are today.”

— Helen Burstyn, Chair Waterfront & Chair, Evergreen