Our Model


LEAP is the instrument of success for our social ventures.


Through our Accelerator and Scaling Portfolio programs, we invest in early and growth-stage initiatives with strong leaders at the helm. By identifying both promising and proven impact, we help to deliver measurable change in Canadian communities. The causes LEAP works with receive active, hands-on support from our dedicated team and expert sector partners.

Our approach is unique. Rather than focusing on funneling more money into a cause with the hope that it works, the LEAP team engages directly with social sector leaders and provides the strategic support needed to scale their efforts while fundraising.


  Bill Young  (Social Capital Partners) will share key insights on how to optimize capital allocation for social impact at the 2019 Impact Gathering.
It is much more difficult for a social entrepreneur with a breakthrough idea to scale his or her organization than it is for a conventional entrepreneur. Our Centre is tackling those structural challenges with a very innovative model that will enable Canada’s most promising social innovations to scale and have breakthrough impact.
I am excited to be part of this journey.
— Bill Young, Advisory Board Member


We mobilize the the private and public sector to scale what works for game-changing innovators.



Impact comes from collaboration.

Through two programs, we have helped 14 social ventures gain access to tools, expertise and training they wouldn’t have otherwise.


Scaling Portfolio


LEAP’s scaling portfolio employs a unique, long-term support model that focuses on data-driven strategy to maximize impact. Here, we invest in ventures that are ready to grow with strong leaders and proven impact.

How we work with ventures…

  • Develop and implement a 5-year strategic plan

  • Provide ongoing hands-on support and coaching to leadership and the team

  • Act as a thought partner as we roll out their growth plan

  • Build a foundation for scaling venture impact and long-term sustainability

  • Fundraise strategically

How we unlock sector expertise…

  • Identify opportunities for partner assistance in areas such as marketing, fundraising, government relations, technology, and human resources

  • Align strategy execution to make the most of sector partner expertise

  • Actively assist partners with the execution of their scope of work


Our focus is very much on leaders and not just ideas. Leaders needs to be open to learning, open to coaching.
— Joan Dea, LEAP Board Chair


Accelerator Program


In partnership with Google, we have supported technology-enabled social ventures to scale their impact and infused $5.5m in funding.

In 2017 and 2018, the Google Impact challenge took fresh, technology-driven ideas and provided immediate funding to get select innovations into more hands. This program is focused on the short-term, but can lead social ventures to our Scaling Portfolio.


How we work with ventures…

  • Provide strategic, hands-on support

  • Hold workshops, engage experts and facilitate group connections to accelerate impact

  • Help bring the right organizations forward to receive funding

How we unlock sector expertise…

  • Engage partners to run targeted projects for ventures, such as impact assessments, market analysis, and organizational design

  • Coordinate presentations to share useful information among participants