Supporting ten innovative organizations to build a better world, faster

In partnership with the impact challenge, we are supporting 10 tech-enabled projects to tackle Canada's biggest social challenges.

We leverage our expertise and sector partner network in two ways:


GIC Workshops | We have developed a curriculum of insights to support grantees in key growth areas through interactive, collaborative workshops. Sessions are hosted throughout the year and touch on the following themes: strategy and impact, technology and marketing, best-in-class support, and fundraising.


Hands-on Support | Grantees receive hands-on support the year following the Google Impact Challenge from Google Ambassadors and BCG Catalyst teams to help bring their projects to life. Volunteers support project management, strategy and execution. LEAP sector partners will provide high-level expertise throughout the process.

Ten organizations were selected as winners of the Impact Challenge. While diverse in focus area, structure and geographic location, they all share one common thread: a bold commitment to creating a better world, faster.


Arctic Eider Society


Enabling knowledge exchange, environmental stewardship, and education for Hudson Bay and Arctic communities.

$750,000 Grant Recipient


BC Children's Hospital Foundation


Pocket Doc for Pneumonia will allow for the remote diagnosis of pneumonia in children around the world.

$250,000 Grant Recipient


Canadian Red Cross


Register Educate Deliver System (REDS) is a digital platform to help more efficiently coordinate disaster response.

$250,000 Grant Recipient


Food Banks Canada


FoodAccess app will address hunger for Canadian families and food waste across the country by connecting farmers, manufacturers and retailers.

$750,000 Grant Recipient – People’s Choice Winner




GlobalMedic’s RescUAV program will address barriers in the humanitarian sector by providing critical information to individuals on the ground through Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

$250,000 Grant Recipient


Growing North


Growing North addresses food insecurity in Northern Canada by sustainably growing fresh, locally sourced produce.

$250,000 Grant Recipient


PeaceGeeks Society


PeaceGeeks Society’s Services Advisor app connects refugees to humanitarian service providers globally; the new pilot will enable immigrants in Vancouver to access reliable support services.

$750,000 Grant Recipient


The Rumie Initiative


Rumie’s Indigenous LearnCloud Portal will provide localized educational content to youth in Canadian Indigenous communities.

$750,000 Grant Recipient


Victoria Hand Project


Customized upper body prosthetics for amputees in low/middle income countries through 3D printing technology.

$250,000 Grant Recipient


World Wide Hearing


The Teleaudiology Cloud will provide remote diagnostics and treatment for the hearing impaired in remote communities.

$750,000 Grant Recipient