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pecaut fund I | we drive impact through our scaling portfolio and our accelerator

scaling Portfolio

We run a deep due diligence to find the most impactful charities operating in the areas of Health, Education and Employment.

5 Years + $3M Pro-Bono






Economic Impact Per Year at Scale


In partnership with the Google.org impact challenge, we are supporting 10 tech-enabled projects to tackle Canada's biggest social challenges.

1 Year + Pro-Bono + $250 - 750k


Scaling Portfolio: Impact Snapshot


SNAP | # of kids with conduct disorder reached at scale  


TMP | # of mentees employed in desired field in 12 months


Rumie | # of countries of operation


SmartSAVER | # of new income families that will secure educational savings


Stop Now And Plan (SNAP)



SNAP is a proven program teaching children with behavioural problems and their parents how to make better choices "in the moment"



SNAP Impact Story | Shemar  

As a kid, Shemar struggled in school. From temper tantrums in class to time on suspension, he became less and less able to control his anger and perform well in school. A life of trouble and jail time seemed inevitable—but then Shemar found Stop Now and Plan (SNAP). “I knew I had two options,” Shemar says, “keep being a bully and fighting and probably end up in jail, or find a new way of life.”

After completing the 13 week program, Shemar has made significant strides. He is now excelling in school and serves on the student council at his school, and ran for a position on the Super Council (the student council representing all schools in his area). “SNAP helped me learn how to control my anger and got me on the path I’m on today.”


Impact Snapshot

13 weeks | Time in which SNAP program improves emotional regulation

$17 - $32 | Cost-benefit ratio of the SNAP program

50% | Proportion of children with conduct disorder reached by SNAP at scale

>$25M | Amount of funding secured based on LEAP growth strategy to support SNAP and affiliates


  • I've met a number of very impressive young men who had a rough start in life and are now thriving as SNAP graduates. They credit the program for teaching them how to manage their anger, how to stay out of trouble and in school. If not for SNAP, they would probably have been in jail or living at the margins of society instead of being the thoughtful, well-adjusted people they are today. There's no greater endorsement for this program than seeing and hearing the stories of those who benefited from SNAP.
    — Helen Burstyn, Chair, Waterfront and Chair, Evergreen
  • We are absolutely delighted with our partnership with the LEAP/Pecaut Centre for Social Impact. Since being selected as their inaugural social innovation to scale across Canada in 2012/13 we are actively working towards our goal of implementing SNAP (Stop Now And Plan) successfully in 140 new communities. In addition, we were selected by the Ontario government as a model children’s mental health program for their Middle Years Strategy under the Enhanced Youth Action Plan and Black Youth Action Plan. The pro-bono investment made by the Centre to SNAP has increased 10 fold as more than $30 million has been invested in SNAP since our engagement as a result of the outstanding support afforded to us through their business sector partners and venture philanthropy model bringing government, business, and the philanthropic community to help create massive social change in Canada – we are honoured that our proven evidence-based children’s mental health program SNAP is now reaching more children, families and communities that need it; helping children stay in school and out of trouble by making better choice ‘in the moment’.
    — Dr. Leena Augimeri, Director of Scientific and Program Development at Child Development Institute


TRIEC Mentoring Partnership (TMP)



TRIEC Mentoring partnership Enables skilled recent immigrants to integrate into the Canadian labour market through mentorship


TMP Impact Story | Siva

Siva had big plans when she arrived to Canada from Malaysia in 2009. Determined to work in financial services, she began to do as much as she could to understand the Canadian financial sector. With the financial skills and experience she gained back home, she knew she could be a great fit for a job in Canada, but needed help navigating the Canadian workforce culture—that’s when she found a mentor through TRIEC’s Mentoring Partnership program.

Today Siva works with TD Bank in the Real Estate Secured Lending group, and is working towards attaining her Certified Credit Professional (CPP) qualification. “Because I knew I would be able to transfer my skills from back home, my mentor helped me achieve my objective, “ Siva says. “Now that I’m established in my career, I decided to give back to the community,” and support newcomers as a mentor for the Mentoring Partnership.


Impact Snapshot

$10.50 | Amount in economic benefit received for every $1 invested

$100M | Net present value of the impact created annually with TMP at scale (6,000 mentor matches)

>70% | Proportion of mentees employed in field/related field in 12 months

$1.7M | Amount of carry-on funding secured


  • The work of the Mentoring Partnership is exciting to me because it fits a lot of what LEAP was looking for: it's a proven model with great social return on investment, it has the ability to scale, and it has a group of people both inside and around TMP that have the ambition to scale.
    — Sam Duboc, Executive Chairman, Beacon
  • LEAP was drawn to our program because it's successful and it can be scaled. Our goal is to improve the program and increase the program–LEAP is providing the strategy and the know-how to get us to that point.
    — Margaret Eaton, Executive Director, Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC)


The Rumie Initiative


Rumie Provides free, quality educational content for children in low-income communities through tablets and the LearnCloud app


Rumie delivers high-quality open-source learning content through affordable tablets and its Android app, the LearnCloud. Rumie preloads $50 tablets with curated libraries of high quality content and delivers them to education organizations who implement them in their programs. In Canada, Rumie is working with Pathways to Education and Woodgreen to curate and deliver skills training, financial literacy and health content.

The Rumie Initiative is the Centre’s venture investment. Our work includes supporting the creation of pilot programs in key locations to assess impact before scaling begins.

Rumie Impact Story | Ahmad

“I’m lucky Al Salam School got me a teacher assistant part-time job when I was in 12th grade. For many young Syrian refugees, things aren’t so simple… Most have to work to help their families, so either they never go to school, or they go for a couple weeks and then give up when they realize they can’t work and study at the same time. Seriously, Syrians are strong, they can work and study at the same time but the problem is that work shifts and school periods always overlap…. I think that the tablets can help many students who face this dilemma. Students won’t have to choose between school and money because the tablets will allow them to study at home, at the hours that suit them, after or before work. And they wouldn’t feel abandoned because technically they’d still be students, they’d have a clear curriculum to follow but they’d just study from home and only go to school when they’d have to.”


Impact Snapshot

21 | # of countries in which program operates

20k | # of books a Rumie device delivers to kids offline

100x | Efficiency gain by moving from books to bytes ($5k in books on a $50 tablet)

  • My ambition for Rumie is to transform the way people learn around the world, especially people who have never really received the opportunity to learn. Humanity's greatest single resource is brainpower. There are a billion children that are underserved in education–we think our potential to scale can have massive impact for these children in communities in Canada and globally.
    — Tariq Fancy, Founder, The Rumie Initiative
  • The interesting thing about Rumie is the infinite scalability of the product. If Rumie can be successful not only in bringing high-quality education to areas in the world without access, but also incorporating the LearnCloud element in the process, they have the opportunity to change education as we know it.
    — Sam Duboc, Executive Chairman, Beacon





smartsaver is Enabling low-income families to save for post-secondary education by promoting RESPs and the Canada Learning Bond


SmartSAVER Impact Story | Aneta

While thousands of parents dream of sending their kids off to college and university, many will have to take on debt to pay for it. Youth from low-income families across Canada face significant barriers to post-secondary education due to an inability to build early savings. Aneta Alaei, mother of four, found herself in this very predicament. However, when she learned about SmartSAVER and was introduced to the Canada Learning Bond, it made a huge difference for her and her family.

“While I don’t intend to give my children everything they want, I do intend to give them everything they need," Aneta said. “The online application takes 10 minutes or less and is the best possible thing for your child. Thanks to SmartSAVER, we are preparing financially for their dreams whatever they may be.”

Impact Snapshot

200k | New low-income families will secure educational savings for their children

>100 | Community partners mobilized across Canada

40% | Uptake of the CLB when SmartSAVER reaches scale

  • We see tremendous potential in SmartSAVER. In a recent Toronto pilot project uptake of the Canada Learning Bond increased from 27 per cent to 41 per cent and we are confident that, working together, we can see even greater impact nationally. SmartSAVER has a proven model and we're excited to be working with their passionate and driven team of staff, volunteers, community organizations, and partners.
    — Kilian Berz, Senior Partner & Managing Director, BCG; Co-Founder & Board Co-Chair, LEAP
  • With LEAP we hope to find better ways to get the Canada Learning Bond working for more families. If we can achieve that, we will all benefit from their success.
    — May Wong, Executive Director, Omega Foundation


Google.org Impact Challenge


Supporting ten innovative organizations to build a better world, faster

In partnership with the Google.org impact challenge, we are supporting 10 tech-enabled projects to tackle Canada's biggest social challenges.

We leverage our expertise and sector partner network in two ways:


GIC Workshops | We have developed a curriculum of insights to support grantees in key growth areas through interactive, collaborative workshops. Sessions are hosted throughout the year and touch on the following themes: strategy and impact, technology and marketing, best-in-class support, and fundraising.


Hands-on Support | Grantees receive hands-on support the year following the Google Impact Challenge from Google Ambassadors and BCG Catalyst teams to help bring their projects to life. Volunteers support project management, strategy and execution. LEAP sector partners will provide high-level expertise throughout the process.

Ten organizations were selected as winners of the Google.org Impact Challenge. While diverse in focus area, structure and geographic location, they all share one common thread: a bold commitment to creating a better world, faster.


Arctic Eider Society


Enabling knowledge exchange, environmental stewardship, and education for Hudson Bay and Arctic communities.

$750,000 Grant Recipient


BC Children's Hospital Foundation


Pocket Doc for Pneumonia will allow for the remote diagnosis of pneumonia in children around the world.

$250,000 Grant Recipient


Canadian Red Cross


Register Educate Deliver System (REDS) is a digital platform to help more efficiently coordinate disaster response.

$250,000 Grant Recipient


Food Banks Canada


FoodAccess app will address hunger for Canadian families and food waste across the country by connecting farmers, manufacturers and retailers.

$750,000 Grant Recipient – People’s Choice Winner




GlobalMedic’s RescUAV program will address barriers in the humanitarian sector by providing critical information to individuals on the ground through Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

$250,000 Grant Recipient


Growing North


Growing North addresses food insecurity in Northern Canada by sustainably growing fresh, locally sourced produce.

$250,000 Grant Recipient


PeaceGeeks Society


PeaceGeeks Society’s Services Advisor app connects refugees to humanitarian service providers globally; the new pilot will enable immigrants in Vancouver to access reliable support services.

$750,000 Grant Recipient


The Rumie Initiative


Rumie’s Indigenous LearnCloud Portal will provide localized educational content to youth in Canadian Indigenous communities.

$750,000 Grant Recipient


Victoria Hand Project


Customized upper body prosthetics for amputees in low/middle income countries through 3D printing technology.

$250,000 Grant Recipient


World Wide Hearing


The Teleaudiology Cloud will provide remote diagnostics and treatment for the hearing impaired in remote communities.

$750,000 Grant Recipient


Pecaut Fellows

The Pecaut Fellowship is an opportunity for innovative, socially-minded business professionals to contribute to Canada’s non-profit community while expanding their cross-sectoral network and skillset. The program’s mandate is to “find and develop the next David Pecaut” through the personal and professional development of passionate and curious leaders, committed to finding solutions to Canada’s most pressing problems.

Through this program, we provide each Fellow with the opportunity to develop a well-rounded network, the skills, and the passion and perspective to catalyze systemic impact in Canada, well beyond the Fellows program.

To execute on the first phase of the Pecaut Fellows program, we partnered with BCG and Rotman School of Management.


Ran Mo

Pecaut Fellow 2014
MBA Candidate, Wharton School


Sunita Pillai

Pecaut Fellow 2016
Senior Consultant, Sustainability at SunLife Financial


Frazer Sloan

Pecaut Fellow 2016


Phil Gazaleh

Pecaut Fellow 2017
Associate, McKinsey & Company


David St. Bernard

Pecaut Fellow 2017
Student at Law, Bennett Jones LLP

BCG 29.jpg

Naomi Desai

Pecaut Fellow 2018
Secondment from BCG